CBD Paste vs. CBD oil


While CBD Paste and CBD oil both have medicinal uses comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges. Yes both are cannabinoid based products but differ in the way that they are processed and their medicinal values.  

At My Nutraceuticals we ensure that the terpenes are preserved at the highest possible level by our proprietary cooking method. The plant/flower is cooked in a BPA  free glass Mason jar at a very low temperature and for many many hours to preserve the plants original state. We do not remove any part of the plant whereas CBD oil companies admit that they have removed 100% of the plant/flower out of their products. Where did the "Whole Plant" method go? The Whole Plant holds more than 111 different kinds of Cannabinoids, many of the delicate Cannabinoids are destroyed by the butane, alcohol or CO2 extraction process. This process has also destroyed 99.1% of the terpenes.

With out all the cannabinoids present and 99.1% of the terpenes missing there is NO “Entourage Effect”, which is when compounds interact synergistic-ally thus creating a more intense healing response. This effect leads to more medicinal outcomes rather than isolates or isolated CBD. The CBD oil industry ignorantly believes "pure CBD isolates" are the future. Yet this chemical process separates and removes all the cannabinoids except CBD. The phrase "pure CBD” has such a nice ring to it, yet it is quite deceptive because with pure CBD the entourage effect is unbelievable.

You might find that CBD oil companies tend to deny these facts but it doesn’t change the truth. Sadly the whole industry has gone down a rabbit hole and scientific journals have researched and exposed this new evidence. Make note that the foreseen 700 billion dollar Hemp and Cannabis industry, which is behind the butane or CO2 extraction, are trying to conceal the importance of the entourage effect and the value of the terpenes. Simply Google: Cannabis Entourage Effect.

When a company claims to have high concentrated CBD oil they are insensibly  admitting that they have “stressed” the natural plant to the point of immense medicinal damage. It is as though most CBD oil suppliers have followed the pharmaceutical companies and forgot what is "Natural". One would look at all the processing equipment that goes with CO2 extraction, and scratch their head and wonder if mother nature or God made a mistake in the natural state of the plant? Why are we doing so many chemical changes to this natural plant? 

My Nutra is open to anyone who can prove that concentrating CBD has more benefits to the human body compared to My Nutras Hemp or Cannabis Paste. Here is one simple example: What is the difference in taking three 250mg vitamin C capsules verses taking one 750mg Capsule? It is the same dosage right? The answer is only the size. So why would we make CBD oil since it destroys terpenes and cannabinoids? These CBD oil companies also pass on the high costs of manufacturing equipment to the consumer. Whereas at My Nutra we keep our manufacturing process as delicate and affordable as possible thus allowing our paste to be half the cost of CBD oil per cannabinoid. 


One of the most popular CBD oil methods is pushing butane through the flower which can leave a residue behind. This residue ironically is loaded with carcinogens, a substance that which is cancerous to living tissue. Don't users take CBD oil to fight cancer?

So the industry is SLOWLY changing to CO2 extraction which is cleaner but again it destroys more terpenes than any other method.


We cook our flower with MCT oil in a BPA free glass mason jar. CBD oil companies and scientific journals are claiming that MCT oil is a Intracellular Carrier for Cannabinoids. In short it brings the CBD through the blood brain barrier. Some CBD oil companies are now adding MCT oil after the fact or during packaging which does NOT effectively bond to the cannabinoids. Whereas Hemp Paste was cooked with MCT oil for many hours which bonds to the Cannabinoids.